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2015 Event Calendar

2016 Cooper Ranch Show Schedule

Las Vegas Dressage Show Series 
Recognized by USEF,USDF, CDS, DASC
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Las Vegas Dressage Schooling Show Series
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2016 Show Schedule

January 16 - Winter Schooling Show    Results
   Judge: Kristy Keller                        

February 13 & 14 - Winter Fling      Results
   Judge: Dolly Hannon

March 12 & 13 - Spring Fling             Results
   Judge: Michael Osinski

April 16 - Spring Schooling Show      Results
   Judge: Thomas Potter

May 14-15 - Spring Fling III               Results
   Judge: Dr. Paramjeet Chopra

June 18 - Summer Schooling Show
   Judge: Chris Federer

October 22-23 -  Fall Schooling Show & Championships
   Judge: Michael Lieberg & Angela Silva

November 19-20 - Fall Fling
   Judge:  Joan Macartney

Welcome...Come Join the Fun!

Cooper Ranch welcomes riders to participate in our Dressage Events.  Each Year promises to be exciting with eight Dressage Shows located in the 
Heart of Las Vegas.  

Cooper Ranch Championships
Cooper Ranch is proud to sponsor the 2016 Cooper Ranch Championships held in October.  To qualify for the Championships, a rider must show in any two of Cooper Ranch Rated or Schooling Shows in the current year with minimum scores of 60% for Intro through 4th Level & 58% for FEI Levels.  Scores are averaged.  Championship classes will be the highest test of level.  No whip or reader is allowed.  Braiding & show apparel required.  Championship classes will have panel judging.

Wild Card Invitation: Horse/Rider combination not meeting the 60% requirement but have at least a 55% average & competed in two Cooper Ranch Shows can be nominated for a Wild Card Invitation.  Nominations must be signed by two adults & submitted by closing date with the entry.  Nomination form is found on the Entry Form.  Those granted the Wild Card Invitation will be notified by email.  

Make plans to attend the Cooper Ranch Events in  2016!
Please be advised that dates & activities are subject to change. 

January 10 - Winter Schooling Show Results
  Judge - Kristy Keller

February 14 & 15 - Winter Fling Results
  Judge - Dolly Hannon

March 14 & 15 - Spring Fling Results

April 11 - Spring Schooling Show Results
  Judge - Angela Silva

May 16 & 17 - Spring Fling III Results
  Judge - Dr. Paramjeet Chopra

June 13 - Summer Schooling Show Results
  Judge - Thomas Potter

October 17 & 18 - Fall Schooling Show & Championships  
  Judges - Michael Lieberg & Angela Saliva

November 21 & 22 - Fall Fling Results
  Judge - Joan Macartney